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Submitted Conference Content

Full name

Nathaniel Cadwell

email nathaniel [dot] cadwell [at] gmail [dot] com
City (Country) Antwerpen
Time 45'
Type of Conference Conference > 100 attendees
Level Everybody

No More Goat Rodeos: How to Prepare for Better Workshops, Retros, and Meetings


Nathaniel Cadwell has over seventeen years of consulting experience in: software development, agile enablement, and change management. Over the course of his career, he has helped organizations achieve dramatic improvement in their software delivery. In his current role, Nathaniel is an agile coach helping individuals, teams, and organizations on their path to agility. His experience spans from large multi-team engagements with Fortune 50 enterprises to small start-up companies. He has worked with clients in industry, not for profit, and government sectors. Nathaniel is an alumni organizer of the largest community organized agile conference in the DC area: AgileDC. He has been interviewed for podcast and radio, and he is a regular speaker at conferences and user groups. He has presented, or co-presented, sessions at multiple venues including: the Agile Leadership Network (DC Chapter), Agile Eastern Europe, Agile India, Agile Brazil, Agile PDX, AgileDC, 2014. He is passionate about facilitation, and is a Certified Professional Facilitator (International Association of Facilitators).


Does your organization have meetings that are more goat rodeo than great collaborative session? Symptoms include: gatherings without stated purpose, twenty people crammed into a room made for ten, decision-less endings, key participants gone missing, and a process-less meander that attendees can’t wait to escape. There's a treatment for this malady: better preparation. In this session you will learn practical, proven steps for preparing your next facilitated session. You might even share with others in your organization and see their gatherings go from "goat rodeo" to “great meeting!”

Benefits for the attendees

Learn practical, proven steps for preparing great facilitated sessions.

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